About Us

PT. Nirvana Buana Intrade

PT. Nirvana Buana Intrade, a manufactured company in the field of chemical maintenance, industrial lubricants, and speciality coatings. The resulting products will be dedicated to our customer spread all over the inside anda outside if the country. As amanufactured of chemical formulations for chemical maintenance, water treatment, industrial coatings and lubricants under the brand “Weston” has the function and role is crucial in supporting the ability of production and investement in the industrial sector. Both the poor quality of a product or whethe or not the use of a produxt will be able to directly affect the operational capability and efficiency of the engine.

Overall the product we produce have passed a series of tests and trial in accordance with the spesifications and conditions. For completeness it as we attach a chemical product Material Safety Sheet (MSDS) and Certificate of Analysis (COA) on the overall result of our product.

The product we producw chemical formulation composed of various types and uses. Its use should be choosen in accordance with the requirements of the engine or any other media use. Each of theme product has the function and certain properties in order to use more optimal and efficient. To determince the quality level of each of chemical product has been formlated based on the fulfillment of the spesification or test capability requirements in accordance wit ISO standards. It is associated with the rapid changes in engine design and technology capabilities chamicals in an effort to save energy and the environment while supporting the creation of a clean and environmentally frieandly.

For more information, be it information about us as well as our products. Please contact us.